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POSeidon combines all the advantages of online/mobile shopping with the advantages of stationary retail.
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POSeidon Live


24/7 Shopping Window

Vodafone Campus: Einkaufen an Deutschlands erster digitaler Shopping Wall

POSeidon Print


Presentation Device


Interactive Table


Sales Device

Closing time is so yesterday

24/7 Shopping Window

With the 24/7 shopping window, the shop window will not only become an interactive advertising space but a direct sale at the point of sale will be possible around the clock, even after closing time.


Huge rental fees for retail premises in number 1 locations, lavishly presented shop windows and nevertheless shops usually close by 20:00 due to store-closing laws. In many town centres the pedestrian zone is very busy at this time, as well as on Sundays and public holidays.

Select your product and specifications

Add selected product configuration to the shopping basket

Transfer the shopping basket via BeamBasket on the customer’s smartphone


POSeidon Print

Thanks to POSeidon Print you can sell digitally with analogue media as well. Printed advertising will turn you into a digital department store.


Scan the QR-code     ➤     Pay by mobile phone     ➤     Purchase completed!


Make posters, adverts, flyers, brochures … for direct shopping – bring your store directly to your customers. With their smartphones, customers can scan the QR code next to a product and the selected item will immediately appear in the shopping basket on their phones. They will just need to complete the purchase with mobile checkout and their preferred payment method.


Whether it’s a poster or a flyer, an advert in a newspaper or magazine or on a tram, advertising suddenly turns into active sales promotion and one where you can particularly measure the impact. Go to where your customers are and let your customers do their buying there – wherever they are.

Find what you‘re looking for

PD stand

Presentation Device

Purchasing behaviour on POS is completely different to sitting comfortably at home on the sofa while shopping online. Expectations in store are branch specific i.e. customers search in the retail shop localised and not by means of a navigated search as in the case of online shopping. 


The complete design and user interface of POSeidon’ s Presentation Device is designed precisely for this. The Presentation Device offers intuitive navigation through product worlds and detailed information about relevant products aligned with the product line environment in the shop. Products not available in the shop can be directly purchased via the Presentation Device – in a convenient, uncomplicated and safe manner. Home delivery is possible.

PD table

PD wall

Consultation and entertainment

Interactive Table

Many articles are consulting-intensive, especially if they are configurable or (high-) quality products. The interactive table offers the perfect solution.


The touch terminal, which is integrated in the table, allows for an optimal consultancy situation in a relaxed atmosphere. This output medium also lends itself as an entertainment solution with its children’s play corners, for example. Educational games, films and an interactive colouring book – the little visitors are enthused and their parents can shop in peace at the same time.

Consulting desk with integrated touch terminal

Interactive games corner for a relaxed shopping experience

Consultation at the highest level

Sales Device

Never before were customers better informed than they are today. Thanks to the internet and use of smartphones, prices and product information are readily available. Recessions, customer ratings and testimonials have also become daily routine for customers when deciding what to buy.


No physical seller knows 100% about every product in stationary trading. That is why POSeidon sales device provides the seller with all product information, detailed information, stocks and customer experiences during the consultation meeting, without leaving the customer alone to check stocks or to look up product information in a catalogue – consultation and sale at the highest level, directly from a single source.

easy access to highlights and top brands

Extended product information
on the sales device

Transfer the product
to the customer terminal

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