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POSeidon combines all the advantages of online/mobile shopping with the advantages of stationary retail.
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POSeidon – digitisation for retail

POSeidon combines all the advantages of online/mobile shopping with the advantages of stationary retail.


From the digital expansion of the shop floor through customer terminals, to optimal customer advice thanks to tablet solutions for the salesperson and to the removal of shop closing times by means of the interactive shop window, POSeidon brings more sales on the same retail surface and absolute transparency throughout the entire sales process.

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POSeidon Live


24/7 Shopping



The interactive shop window permits local sales around the clock and 7 days a week.

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Vodafone Campus: Einkaufen an Deutschlands erster digitaler Shopping Wall




Thanks to POSeidon Print you can sell digitally with analogue media as well. Printed advertising will turn you into a digital department store.

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The POSeidon PD is marked by high reliability, clear design and the simplest operation.

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Interactive table for a consultation meeting with the customer or for independent usage by customers.

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The POSeidon SD is a good, handy introduction to digitally supported sales consultation.

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POSeidon Checkout

Very easy checkout and the most diverse payment options.


The most important criterion for online sales, especially in the public domain, is a safe and easy checkout process. This is ensured in all applications on POSeidon with the BEAM BASKET technology for which a patent application has been filed.


At the same time, the shopping cart is transferred to the customer‘s smartphone via QR code where the actual payment process is made in a familiar and secure environment.

Simply scan the QR code

in the shopping basket


Safer and more familiar checkout

including payment on the smartphone


your order get delivered

to your home


Download & Media

POSeidon image booklet

Download our brand new booklet for free and find everything you need!

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english |2.5MB pdf|

POSeidon Presentation (english)


deutsch |2.5MB pdf|

POSeidon Presentation (deutsch)


POSeidon_White Kopie-min
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Contact us

POSeidon Digital by Talihu GmbH
Am Gansacker 10B
D 79224 Umkirch


FON: +49-7665-52371-00

  MAIL: info@poseidon.digital

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